Work permit application process in Kazakhstan for foreign nationals

What is it a work permit?

Work permit in Kazakhstan is a document which issues to foreign nationals, qualified specialists who entered Kazakhstan to work. This document proves qualification of foreigner and allows to work. Work permit can be issued to an employer who has quota. Quota usually spreads over regions in Kazakhstan and separates due to job title categories of foreign nationals.

Initial work permit application procedure. Foreign nationals. Kazakhstan.

We are covering work permit processes for foreign nationals working for any sponsoring entity in Kazakhstan. Usually work permit grants for 12 calendar months. There are two procedures:

  1. standard
  2. simplified

Confirmation of qualification background is required for standard procedure. And there is another process for simplified processes. It takes about 1 month to get work permit by standard procedure. Then work visa of C3 category is required to enter Kazakhstan and stay here.

Work permit renewal process in Kazakhstan for foreign nationals

Work permit usually grants for 12 calendar months depending on job title of foreign national. Then it can be renewed for the same period. Renewal process similar to the initial work permit application process except for some points, for example confirmation of qualification background is not required. Payment of government fee is the same and terms or process almost are  the same.

Process takes about 1 month and can be initiated 60 days prior to expire date of work permit. Deadline is 30 days prior to expire date. Terms of work permit would not be reduced in case of early registration of documents. Depending on job title work permit can be renewed a few times.

Requirements of work permit application process

There must be a local sponsoring entity in Kazakhstan.

Work permit can be granted upon request of an employer. Information about foreign national, job title, passport details and name of an employer indicates in work permit. An employer details and job title cannot be amended, but replacement of foreigner in case of dismissal is possible. Another criterion is a qualification background. It can be proved by providing university degree and recommendation letter. University degree must be with mark of legalization.

Requirements of work permit application process for Russia and Ukraine nationals

Work permit application process for Ukraine nationals is the same as for other nationals. There is no difference. Approval of qualification background and local sponsoring entity is required. The only difference is legalization / apostille of documents. Kazakhstan and Ukraine are members of Minsk and Kishinev agreements and documents issued in these countries are recognized without apostille. So, translation and notary verification would be enough to submit documents.

Russia nationals are not required to get work permit. Kazakhstan and Russia are members of EurAsEC. So, Russian nationals can enter Kazakhstan on visa waiver program up to 90 days. During this period a local labor contract is to be signed and on behalf of this temporary residence permit is granted.

Quota. What is it?

An employer can invite foreign nationals by standard procedure only if they submitted for quota. Quota it is a number of foreign nationals who allowed to get work permit and work. Quota grants for certain region and approves by Authorities. If you submitted application for Almaty and did not for Karaganda, so you can proceed with work permit in Almaty and cannot in Karaganda.

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