How to find a job in Kazakhstan for foreign nationals?

Kazakhstan becoming more attractive with latest amends of our government and more and more of foreign nationals looking for better opportunities would like to relocate in Kazakhstan. We have been often asked: How foreign nationals can be employed in Kazakhstan? We are not covering recruitment services and provide assistance to employers who already find employees and vice versa.

At the same time, we can give advice on following questions: Ways of legal work in Kazakhstan? Which kind of visas are allowed to work? How long does it take to get an appropriate visa? How much does it cost?

how to work in Kazakhstan

Ways of legal work in Kazakhstan?

There are a few types of visas, which allow to work, get payment and pay taxes according to legislation of Kazakhstan. First of all, there must be a local sponsoring entity – registered company on the territory of Kazakhstan. Almost all kind of visas which allow to work are granted for employers except for some exemptions.

Which kind of visas can be received to work in Kazakhstan?

  • C3 category – work visa.
  • C5 category – visa for business immigrants.
  • A5 category – an investment visa.
  • C2 category – visa for family reunion.

C3 visa. C3 visa can be issued for foreign nationals who enter Kazakhstan or stay here in order to work. A local sponsoring entity apply for an invitation letter on behalf of work permit, general power of attorney or other documents.

Terms of C3 visa: single entry visa issues up to 90 days, multiple entry up to 3 years.

Dependents: Dependents can apply for the same category of visa, but without right to work. Terms of visa would be the same as main applicants.

C5 visa. This category of visa is issues for foreign nationals who plan to register own company or buy (100% or some share) registered company in Kazakhstan.

Terms of C5 visa: single entry issues up to 90 days and multiple entry issues up to 2 years.

Dependents: Dependents can apply for C2 category visa.

A5 visa. It is an investment visa. Foreigners can apply for this visa if meet a few requirements: 1. An employer must have agreement with government of Kazakhstan about investments. 2. Foreigners should hold managerial positions.

Terms of A5 visa: Single entry visa is valid up to 90 days. Multiple visas issues up to 5 years and allow to stay in Kazakhstan during the whole period.

Dependents: dependents can apply for the same category of visa. Validity period of visa would be the same as main applicants.

C2 visa. Dependents of Kazakh citizens, who have foreign citizenship can apply for family reunion visa. This type of visa allows to work. Who can get C2 visa?

  • Spouses of Kazakh citizens. There is a requirement for terms of marriage – for at least 3 years.
  • Dependents of Kazakh nationals or former citizens of Kazakhstan who received permit for permanent residence with validity period – not less than 2 years.
  • Dependents of foreigners and people without nationality, who have residence permit in Kazakhstan, and business immigrants.

Terms of C2 visa: up to 1 year with renewal option.

Are there any other options to stay and work in Kazakhstan?

Obtainment of residence permit is an alternative option. It can be granted up to 10 years or for validity period of passport. Residence permit holders can work and have the same rights as citizens of Kazakhstan without right to vote. Local sponsoring entity is not required to proceed with residence permit.

How to find a job in Kazakhstan for Russian nationals?

Citizens of Russia can enter Kazakhstan on visa waiver program and stay here up to 90 days. At the same time, there are some limits, total amount of period of stay cannot be more than 90 days within 180 days period. If foreign national plan to stay more than 90 days, it is required to apply for temporary residence permit. It can be done with family reunion aim, work purpose or others.

How to find a job in Kazakhstan for Ukrainian nationals?

For Ukrainian nationals visa is required in order to work. One of abovementioned visas in article can be applied. At the same time, there is a visa waiver program up to 90 days within 180 days period. Foreigners can enter Kazakhstan on behalf of visa waiver program and here apply for visa. Visa can be received In Kazakhstan and outside at Kazakhstani embassies.

How to work for foreign nationals with visa free regime?

Foreign nationals with visa free regime can apply for temporary residence permit. For CIS countries it is required if period of stay more than 30 days. For citizens of EEC, if period of stay more than 90 days. Residence permit is equal to visa. Document can be received while foreigner entered Kazakhstan. Process takes about 3-7 business days. Children until 16 years old are not reuired to get residence permit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: all foreign nationals must submit notification on arrival within 3 business days. It is obligatory and it does not depend on citizenship, age, aim of visit or other details. If this requirement is not met, visa application can be rejected.

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