Acquisition of real estate in Kazakhstan. Residence permit or opening of a legal entity as a solution

For a foreigner working and living in Kazakhstan, sooner or later the question arises of acquiring their own housing, in this article you will find a solution to this issue.


A common and frequently used method of acquiring housing by a foreigner:

To obtain a residence permit is a document confirming the right of a foreign citizen to permanent residence in Kazakhstan with the opportunity to enjoy almost all rights on an equal basis with citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan. After obtaining a residence permit, a foreigner has the full right to purchase an apartment or a house.

Acquisition of real estate in Kazakhstan. Residence permit or opening of a legal entity as a solution

In addition to the fact that with the help of a residence permit, a foreigner can purchase real estate, he also has the right to: reside in any city of the Republic of Kazakhstan, there is no need to apply for a visa at entry or exit, submit a notification of arrival and change of address, and a foreigner has the opportunity to work without a work permit and purchase vehicles.

The procedure for obtaining a residence permit may take from 2-3 months, but the result of obtaining releases the foreigner from most of the migration obligations in the future.

Obtaining a residence permit is not the only option for purchasing housing.

Legal entities with foreign participation may acquire ownership of housing without restrictions and at the same time the founder of the legal entity may be located on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan or abroad. Accordingly, the creation of a legal entity and the acquisition of housing in its ownership is the second alternative for a foreigner in solving the issue of buying real estate.

We consider it important to note that these solutions relate specifically to real estate, but not land. According to the Land Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, foreigners cannot be the owners of agricultural land plots in Kazakhstan (the exception is plots withdrawn for the purpose of development or residential, commercial structures under maintenance in accordance with their purpose).

It is worth noting that foreign citizens wishing to obtain a residence permit must first apply for a B8 visa.

The visa is issued at the consular offices of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the country of their citizenship or permanent residence. B 8 can be obtained on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan if a foreigner has arrived in Kazakhstan under a visa-free regime or on the basis of a C3 work visa.


A foreigner does not have the right to purchase housing directly in his name without a residence permit in Kazakhstan. However, when buying a home, a foreign spouse will also actually become the owner of a share in this housing.


What package of documents should be prepared, as well as what is the procedure for filling them out? Deadlines for submission and how a foreigner should be interviewed by an employee of the Migration Authority in order to minimize the risks of refusal to issue a residence permit.

Our immigration consultants are ready to provide support in obtaining a residence permit for a foreigner and will accompany the foreigner from the beginning of the procedure to the final moment of obtaining a residence permit, as well as provide all necessary information after receiving.

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