Working visa of C3 category in Kazakhstan

It is required to have C3 category visa to work and stay in Kazakhstan.

C3 working visa

How we can get working visa in Kazakhstan?

There are a few procedures which allow to get working visa of C3 category:

  1. You can get working visa on behalf of work permit application procedure. It is a standard process. Usually, it takes about 1-1.5 months. Approval of qualification background, quota and payment of government fee are required.
  2. As exemptions from Rules without proceeding with work permit:
  • For Chief executive officers of foreign Branch and Representative offices.
  • For first category employees in companies with 100% foreign participation. It means all shareholders must be foreign nationals.
  • For teachers and lectors in schools, Universities and Colleges. This applies only to citizens of those countries which have an international agreement with government of Kazakhstan.

For employees of companies registered in special economical territories as Astana Hub, AIFC and others.

Where working visa can be received?

– In Kazakhstani embassies in country of citizenship of foreign nationals. An invitation letter from inviting entity is required.

– In Kazakhstani embassies in country of temporary living of foreign nationals. An invitation letter from inviting entity is required. Foreign national must provide documents which allows to stay in third country (residence permit, work permit, working visa or others).

– In Kazakhstan. An official written request from an employer is required. It depends on citizenship of foreign national, category of current visa and other points.

Types of visas and other situations which allow to transfer current status to working visa of C3 category:

  • Entrance to Kazakhstan on behalf of visa free regime
  • Valid B2 and B3 business visas
  • Valid private visas of B10 category
  • Valid family reunion visa of C2 category
  • Valid C3 working visa granted for another employer
  • Valid study visa of C9 category
  • Valid private visa of C10 category for Kazakh nationals

Getting visa by arrival at internationals airports of Kazakhstan. It is an exemption from Rules and clarification of details is required

Who can apply for working visa? Is sponsoring entity obligatory?

It is obligatory to have local sponsoring entity. An invitation letter is prepared and submitted on behalf of letter from an employer. Also, it is all responsibility of an employer for meeting requirements of an immigration legislation. You can apply for working visa only in case if you have an employer.

What is the period of working visa?

Visa usually grants for terms of work permit or one year. It can be renewed for next additional year without leaving Kazakhstan. It is required to have valid passport at least 3 months after visa expires.

Otherwise, visa terms are to be reduced.

How long does it take to get working visa in Kazakhstan?

Usually, it takes 5-7 business days to get visa reference number once invitation letter is registered in Migration Police. According to Rules, examination of documents can be extended up to 30 calendar days. Once visa reference number is issued foreign national can treat to embassy. It takes 1-3 business days to get visa in passport.

Visa proceeding procedure in Kazakhstan takes about 10 business days since application is registered. According to Rules, examination of documents can be extended up to 30 calendar days as well.

So, average period is 2 weeks, maximum is 1 month. Please note, additional time takes work permit application process if you go under standard procedure

What about dependents? How they can follow assignees?

Spouses and children can apply for the same category of C3 visa. Additional documents are to be provided: marriage certificate with apostille/legalization for spouse and birth certificates with apostille/legalization for children.  Visa is issued for the same period as main applicants. Dependents cannot work under C3 visa.

Is it allowed to renew visa in Kazakhstan for next year?  

C3 category visa can be renewed for next year internally in Kazakhstan. Departure is not required. According to legislation documents can be registered 30 business days prior to visa expire date. Deadline is 5 business days prior to expire date. If foreigner cannot submit documents on time, departure is required.

How much does it cost to get working visa of C3 category?

Consular payment is 30 MCI. It is about 100 000 tg in 2022 with bank fee. Consular payment is required for each member of family including children. Additionally, companies pay for services of an immigration consultants.

Is there any category of employees who do not need to apply for work visa?

Yes, there are some exemptions from Rules who do not need work visa to work:

  • For citizens of EAEU (Russia, Belorussia, Kirghizia, Armenia).
  • For citizens of Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. It is about agreement between these countries and Kazakhstan.

There is another process for above mentioned citizens, permit for temporary living

Are there any other options to work in Kazakhstan without applying for work visa of C3 category?

According to Rules it is allowed to work under C5, A5 and C2 category visas

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