Work permit renewal in Kazakhstan

How long does it take to renew a work permit?

It is important to start work permit extension process in advance. Taking into account the preparation of the necessary documents, the process takes one month on average. Submission of an application through the e-license web site is allowed not earlier than 60 calendar days and no later than 30 calendar days before the expiration date of the permission. We recommend submitting documents not later than 45-60 calendar days before the expiration date of the document, as additional time will be required to extend the work visa.

What should we do to extend work permit?

In order to extend the work permit, the employer or a person authorized by employer submits following documents together with the application through the e-license web site to the Labor Authority for the region of work: table of content; information about the local content in the personnel; an electronic copy of the foreigner’s passport.

Work permit renewal in Kazakhstan

Further, the Department, within three working days from the date of acceptance of the documents, decides extend the permit or to refuse it. This decision is made by the Department without considering the application at a meeting of the Committee.

From the date of receipt of the notification on positive committee decision, the employer must provide a payment order on state fee payment within 10 working days. After receiving the payment, the Department sends the electronic original of the extended permit to the employer’s personal account within one working day. The validity period begins on the expiration date of the previously issued permit.

Can all work permits be renewed?

It depends on the category of the position. The first category is extended for one, two or three years, depending on the term of the initial permit; while the second and third categories are extended for a period of twelve months, but no more than three times. Permits for the fourth category and for seasonal foreign workers are not eligible for renewal.

In which cases application for extension is refused?

The permit CANNOT be extended for the following reasons:

  1. exceeding the size of the distributed quota
  2. non-compliance with the ratio between Kazakhstani and foreign employees
  3. non-compliance to replace foreign labor in the 4th category
  4. establishment of the fact of attracting foreigners by the company without a permit, as well as attracting a specialist in an inappropriate specialty specified in the permit.

According to the last 4-point, permits are not renewed within twelve months from the date of establishment of such a fact.

Is it possible to extend the permit in one region, whereas the initial permit was obtained in another?

No, the extension of the permit is possible only in the region where it was obtained earlier. Otherwise, it is necessary to initiate the process of initial work permit obtainment for the relevant region. At the same time, employers can send foreign specialists to other regions for a period of no more than ninety calendar days within one calendar year.

What is the amount of state fee for work permit extension?

For the issuance and extension of work permits, the employer pays a state fee in the amount of 137 to 462 MCI (in 2022 this is 419 631 — 1 415 106 tenge). The amount of the fee depends on the category of the employee and the type of activity of the company. You can review the rates via the link:

Exception: no fee is paid for the issuance and extension of permits for intra-corporate transfer.

What if we were not in time to submit an application within the time limits established by law?

If the employer did not submitted documents for the extension of the permit at least 30 calendar days before its expiration date, then you can submit a package of documents as for the initial issuance of the permit (hyperlink). At the same time, the current permit will expire.

Please keep in mind that in this case, an additional diploma of education, confirmation of qualification (work experience) must be provided.

We have a work permit for the second category, and we have already extended it three times. What should we do if the employee plans to continue working?

It is necessary to collect and submit a package of documents for the initial issuance of a work permit. Thus, in the following years, the permit can be extended three more times.

The package for work permit issuance and extension differs, so in the previous paragraph you can see the list of additional documents.

What documents must be provided from foreign employee to extend a work permit? Is confirmation of qualification required?

To extend the permit foreign employee needs to provide his current living address in Kazakhstan and notarized copy of the passport with translation into Kazakh or Russian language. Confirmation of qualification is not required.

What additional procedures may be required for a foreigner during the year after the extension of a work permit:

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