IIN in Kazakstan: how to register and obtain

What is an IIN?

IIN (Individual Identification Number) is a number that is unique and consists of 12 numbers. The IIN is assigned to an individual once and for a life. The first 6 numbers of the IIN combination show the year, month and birthday of the owner.

IIN in Kazakhstan

In what cases does a foreign nationals need an IIN?

The IIN is required to open accounts in banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan, purchase movable and immovable property, pay state duties and consular fees, to transfer wages and pay taxes, issue a certificate of the presence/absence of a criminal record in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other purposes.

How to get an IIN in the Republic of Kazakhstan to a foreign national?

The procedure for registration of an IIN to a foreign national as a non-resident of the Republic of Kazakhstan takes about 1-3 business days on average. Acceptance of documents and issuance of the IIN certificate is carried out free of charge in the NJSC (Nonprofit joint-stock company) “State Corporation “Government for Citizens” at the place of residence in Public Service Center (PSC) or online through the web portal of “electronic government” egov.kz. The processing and assignment of the IIN number is handled by the local Migration Service authorities.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Previously, an option for registration of IIN was available through the egov e-government web portal, without visiting the NJSC “State Corporation “Government for Citizens”, but now there is no such option.

Why did they stop issuing IIN through the electronic portal egov.kz?

Cases of getting IIN by third parties for non-existent people have become more frequent. In the future, IIN were used for various kinds of frauds that can cause damage to both individuals and the state.

What documents do I need to provide in order to receive an IIN?

The PSC (Public Service Center) must submit an application for registration of an IIN and an identity document, usually passport of foreign national. If there is no spelling of the full name and place of birth in Cyrillic or Latin in the passport, the applicant must attach a translation of the document certified by a notary.

Is it possible to get an IIN remotely without coming to Kazakhstan?

A foreign citizen can apply personally to the PSC (Public Service Center) of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the place of residence or proceed with IIN through a proxy on the basis of a notarized power of attorney. The power of attorney must be marked with legalization/apostille, depending on the country of issue of the document.

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