Obtainment of residence permit in Kazakhstan

Permanent Resident Card is a document issued to foreign nationals in Kazakhstan as a proof of permanent resident status. Unlike other legal documents allowing foreign nationals to stay in Kazakhstan (e.g., work permit, work visa or business immigrant visa) Permanent Resident Card has certain advantages:

  1. Requirements of Migration legislation of Kazakhstan for foreign residents (Notification on Arrival, Work Permit, Work Visa, Temporary Residence Permit, Business immigrant Visa etc.) are not applicable.
  2. Permanent Resident can purchase Real Estate.
  3. Permanent Resident can purchase vehicles.

In fact, Permanent Resident Card holders have all the rights of citizens in Kazakhstan except the right to vote.

What is the validity of Permanent Resident Card?

Permanent Resident Card is issued for 10 years, or the period foreign passport is valid for. If foreign passport is issued for 5 years, then Permanent Resident Card will be issued for 5-year period in Kazakhstan.

How much time does it take to get Permanent Resident Card in Kazakhstan?

There are several steps of Permanent Resident Card processing that depend on citizenship of the applicant:

  1. Getting status of living permanently in Kazakhstan: B8 Visa or Temporary Residence Permit. Process usually takes 5-10 business days as soon as an agreement is signed with us. In rare cases visa may take up to 30 calendar days according to the legislation.
  2. Filing documents at a district Department of Migration police and reviewing documents by the authority. Technically, it takes 45 calendar days to review all documents.
  3. Getting written application approval and confirmation ticket to receive Permanent Resident Card. You will only get a Decision on the application (not physical card) at the District Migration Police.
  4. Filing application to the Public Service Center. It is required to appear in person for a foreign resident and a property owner. Permanent Resident Card will be issued within 17 business days. There is an expedite process at additional fees which takes up to 7 business days. Application date is not included.

In general, the process may take from 2 to 4 months.

What are the documents required to get Permanent Resident Card?

List of documents is very long. However, all the documents can be collected while staying in Kazakhstan except Non-Criminal Record Certificate. Some of the documents to be provided:

  1. Non-criminal record Certificate from the country of citizenship (or countries in case if holding several citizenships). Non-criminal record certificate is valid for 180 days. It should properly legalized or apostilled from most of the countries excluding countries members of Minsk and Kishinev Conventions. We recommend sending scanned copy first to check the details with authority as format might not be accepted by the authority.
  2. Notarized copy of regular rent agreement or notarized copy or free-of-charge rent agreement.
  3. Medical certificates (to be collected in Kazakhstan with our support)
  4. Bank statement confirming required amount of funds.
  5. Active B8 visa or Temporary Residence Permit.
  6. Application form.

We will be able to provide full list of required information and documents as soon as our contract is signed.

Is it required for foreign resident to be there in person to get PRC in Kazakhstan?

Yes, it is required to be present in person at some steps of the process. In most cases we represent our client based on the Power of Attorney, however, at some point foreign resident is required to come in person. Here are some of them:

  1. Medical examination. Process takes one business day. Lab Results can be collected on behalf of the applicant without him being present.
  2. Filing documents for Permanent Resident Card. Migration authority will require to come in person.
  3. Receiving confirmation ticket of acceptance documents.
  4. Interview with the authority officer.
  5. Receiving the ticket with the decision of the authority
  6. Application for an ID card. Also, homeowner should come in person.
  7. Receiving an ID Card

Are there any other specific details you need to know about the process before you apply for Permanent Residents Card in Kazakhstan?

  1. Family members will not be able to get a dependent visa. Children can get C11 visa category, and spouse can get accompanying visa. The list of documents will be different from the one required for dependent work visa. E.g., spouse is also required to have non-criminal record Certificate with an apostille or legalization depending on country of citizenship.
  2. There is such a requirement to live in Kazakhstan not less than 183 calendar days in any consequent 12-month period since the Permanent Residence Permit is granted.
  3. B8 permanent residence visa category. Before the Permanent Resident Card application process B8 visa should be obtained. Visa is issued in the country of citizenship or country of permanent residence. Visa is issued up to 90-day period that can be extended for up to additional 30 days. According to Migration legislation B8 visa does not authorize foreign resident to work in Kazakhstan. Foreign resident can get B8 visa in Kazakhstan, however, applicant should have a C3 work visa to do so.

Action plan of getting Permanent Resident Card in Kazakhstan

  1. Document collection by a foreign resident
  2. Medical examination
  3. DOS Immigration’s analysis of documents and pre-check with Migration officer
  4. Filing application
  5. Receiving confirmation ticket of filing documents
  6. Processing documents and receiving decision on Permanent Resident Card application
  7. Filing for an actual ID Card at Public Service Center
  8. Receiving Permanent Resident ID card

Are there any exceptions in order not to provide funds confirmation?

Yes, there are some exceptions. According to the article 4 of Kazakhstani Law of Legal position of foreigners those who are ethnically Kazakh, people who are born in Kazakhstan or those who ever held citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic, or their family members, are not required to have confirmation on their funds.

Can you leave the country when Permanent Resident Card’s documents are in process?

There is no such requirement to stay in Kazakhstan during processing a Permanent Resident Card. However, Migration officer can request the interview at any time. At this point we recommend staying in Kazakhstan and in case of leaving there should be a strong reason. Also, it should be considered that B8 visa is issued for single entry only, therefore if foreign resident leaves the country visa will be cancelled.

What laws describe Permanent Resident Card application process and requirements?

You can find all necessary documents on our website https://dos-immigration.kz/en/legislation/

What is the renewal process for Permanent Resident Card?

Renewal Process for Permanent Resident Card is much easier than initial application in Kazakhstan. We recommend collecting all required documents at least two months before an expiration date. Filing the application is possible not earlier than 30 calendar days before an expiration date.

What if an address on Temporary Residence Permit does not match the address in the rent agreement?

Filing notification on change of permanent residence address will be good enough. New Temporary Residence Permit is not required.

My profession is not on the list of high demand professions. Is it still possible to get Permanent Resident Card through simplified procedure?

Yes, it is possible. However, this should be confirmed by an authorized Ministry. A written request should be sent and, if confirmation is received, this document should be enclosed to the Permanent Resident Card application.

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