Obtaining a residence permit in Kazakhstan for a USA citizen

A U.S. citizen ordered a paid consultation to obtain information on the procedure of obtaining a residence permit in Kazakhstan, Astana for a U.S. citizen. The foreign citizen worked in Kazakhstan for a long time in Kazakhstan, married Kazakh national and have a child. Then he decided to buy real estate in Kazakhstan. One of the reasons was friendly relations and the usual way of life, different from the USA.

Obtaining a residence permit in Kazakhstan for a USA citizen

There were friends who were ready to help in obtaining a residence permit in Kazakhstan for a US citizen. At the same time, the foreign citizen doubted the competence of his lawyer friends and decided to contact a company that specializes in immigration procedures.

Stage 1: At the consultation we voiced all the red flags and the client decided to start collecting documents. First of all, it was necessary to travel to the USA to obtain a B8 visa for permanent residence in Kazakhstan. Without a B8 visa, it is not possible for foreign nationals to apply for residency in Kazakhstan. The B8 visa can be obtained in Kazakhstan, but subject to a number of factors. The client decided to obtain a visa in the USA as he was planning to travel for the Christmas holidays.

Stage 2: At the same time, the US requested a certificate of no criminal record. The practice in the USA is quite interesting. You can get a state or federal criminal record check. The client requested both certificates. In addition, the certificate must be apostilled, as the USA is a party to the Hague Convention. Otherwise, the document will not be accepted in Kazakhstan.

Stage 3: After arriving in Kazakhstan, it was decided to obtain a residence permit in Astana for a US citizen. Real estate rental agreement was not required, as the client stayed at a friend’s house and provided an agreement on the gratuitous use of real estate. In addition, the client underwent a medical examination and received the necessary stamps.

Another important factor was the availability of confirmation of the required amount in a Kazakhstani bank. A foreign citizen had the necessary funds, but in banks of other countries. At the same time, there were investments in stock exchanges. To obtain a residence permit in Kazakhstan for US citizens and other foreign citizens it is required to have money in a Kazakhstani bank account. It was decided to open an account after the Christmas holiday in January, because in case of opening an account in Kazakhstan in December, it was necessary to reflect it in the tax return according to the requirements of the legislation in the USA.

IMPORTANT: once foreign national entered Kazakhstan, it is required to proceed with notification on arrival within 3 business days.

Step 4. After collecting the package of documents for obtaining a residence permit in Kazakhstan, Astana for a US citizen, filling out the application form, paying state fees, we registered the application with the authorized body. It is recommended to stay on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the period of consideration, because you may be called for an interview. The review period is 45 calendar days from the date of registration of the application.

Stage 5: After receiving a positive response, we applied to the Center for Social Security at the place of registration specified in the agreement on free-of-charge residence. The result of the application to the Center is the receipt of an identification card of the residence permit with the data of a foreign citizen.

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