Obtaining a residence permit in Kazakhstan for German citizen

A foreign citizen ordered a paid consultation to obtain information on the procedure for obtaining a residence permit. After the consultation, it was decided to work with our company.

The foreign citizen had a valid work visa of category C3. At the same time, the applicant was thinking about opening his own business and planned a long-term stay in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Therefore, there were several reasons for obtaining a residence permit for a German citizen. Additional factors were:

Obtaining a residence permit in Kazakhstan for German citizen


Step 1 – Collecting documents in Germany. To obtain a residence permit for a German citizen it is necessary to provide documents from the country of citizenship. In our case, a foreign citizen received a certificate of no criminal record with an apostille mark.

Stage 2: Obtaining a B8 visa and permanent resident status in Kazakhstan. The B8 visa can be obtained in Kazakhstan, in the country of citizenship or residency. The foreign specialist obtained the visa at the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Germany. The terms – 3-5 working days. List of documents: completed application form, photo, payment of the fee and other.

Result of the service: a single entry visa B8 for up to 90 days was issued.

Step 3 – Entry into Kazakhstan and collection of documents. Personal presence is required for a German citizen to obtain a residence permit in Kazakhstan. During the validity period of the visa, it is necessary to submit documents for a residence permit. What documents have been collected:

  • real estate lease agreement.
  • certificate from the bank on the availability of funds.
  • certificate of dactyloscopic registration.
  • received IIN
  • medical certificates and other.

Important: within 3 working days from the day of entry into Kazakhstan, you must submit a notification of entry.

Stage 4 – submission of documents for a residence permit in Kazakhstan for a German citizen. As the package of documents is ready, the application was registered in the department of the migration service at the place of temporary residence. A coupon on acceptance of documents is issued. From the date of issuance of the coupon count 45 calendar days until the decision is received.


  • during the application review period, the authorized body may summon the foreign specialist for an interview.
  • The Migration Service sends a request to the bank to obtain confirmation of funds on the account. This is done to avoid cases when fictitious certificates are provided or money is borrowed, deposited in the bank for one day, received a certificate and withdrawn.
  • The district police officer checks the residence address of the foreign specialist for the fact of residence.

Stage 5 – receipt of the decision on issuance of residence permit for a German citizen. On the 44th calendar day, the decision of the authorized body on issuance of residence permit for a German citizen was ready. For issuance of the residence permit identity card, it is necessary to apply to the ID center in the place of residence. The personal presence of the owner of the real estate where the foreign specialist lives is required. The state duty is paid and an application for the issuance of a residence permit is submitted. The term of service provision in the accelerated mode is 7 working days.

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