Qazaqstan extended the validity of investors visas

In Qazaqstan, amendments and additions have been made to the rules for issuing invitations and issuing visas, according to which the validity of visas for investors has been increased by 2 years, and former compatriots will be able to obtain multiple-entry visas for private travel. This was announced on Wednesday by the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the republic. The new rules will take effect from September 18th.

“In order to implement the law of the Republic of Qazaqstan (hereinafter – RoQ) dated November 25, 2019” On Amendments and Additions to Certain Legislative Acts of the RoQ on the Provision of Public Services “, the procedure (standards and regulations) for the provision of public services provided by the Ministries of Internal Affairs, Foreign Affairs and foreign establishments of the RoQ. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the RoQ will provide state services: “Acceptance and approval of invitations of host persons for issuing visas of the RoQ”, “Issuance, restoration or extension of visas to foreigners and stateless persons on the territory of the RoQ for the right to leave the RoQ and enter the RoQ”. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and foreign institutions of the RoQ – “Issuance, extension of visas to enter the RoQ and transit through the territory of the RoQ”, – said in the message of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The authority to issue visas at international airports in Qazaqstan was transferred to the Ministry of Internal Affairs; the list of 109 countries was expanded and approved, citizens of which can receive single-entry business, tourist and medical treatment visas in electronic format.

In addition, former compatriots will now be eligible for multiple-entry visas for private travel on the basis of an application for up to three years. The period of validity of visas has been increased for investors from 3 to 5 years, and the procedure for obtaining visas by investment residents of the Astana International Financial Center has been determined.

The requirement to submit a petition to the migration service bodies of the local executive bodies of the capital, cities of republican significance and regions of Qazaqstan when issuing an invitation for business immigrants has been canceled. And those who have a visa of categories “B10” (private), “C3” (work) and “C9” (educational) can change it to a visa of the category “C2” (family reunification) on the territory of Qazaqstan. The restriction on the extension of C7 visas to foreigners carrying out missionary activities in Qazaqstan has also been canceled, subject to the written consent of the authorized body of the Republic of Qazaqstan in the field of religious activity. The Foreign Ministry reminded that earlier in the territory of the republic this visa was allowed to be renewed only once.

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