Cancellation of a work visa in Kazakhstan

A work visa of a foreign citizen can be canceled by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan or the Border Service of the Republic of Kazakhstan according to the Rules.

There are a number of reasons why a visa can be cancelled:

  1. Dismissal of an employee. Below we will look at several cases on this item;
  2. When obtaining a new visa, if there is a visa in the passport. Since a foreign citizen can have only one visa of the Republic of Kazakhstan at a time. There may be several options in this paragraph: obtaining a new work visa due to a change in the name of the employer or obtaining a visa of a different category;
  3. When the inviting party changes in the person of the employer;
  4. If the conditions for issuing a visa have ceased to be fulfilled or exist;
  5. When making a decision on the administrative expulsion of a visa recipient outside the Republic of Kazakhstan. In this case, an exit visa is issued.

Cancellation of a work visa in Kazakhstan

The employee quit and left for the country of citizenship. How do we cancel the visa?

The visa can be cancelled at the Berkut UIS by submitting a letter from the receiving party to the Migration Service, together with an order to terminate the employment contract and a copy of the passport. Thus, the information in the system is deleted, and the next time a foreigner tries to enter on this visa, he will be refused, and the visa will be canceled by the Border service of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The employee has quit and plans to leave the Republic of Kazakhstan in the near future. How do we cancel the visa and what is the list of documents?

In this case, the receiving party, represented by the employer, can submit documents of a foreigner for cancellation of a work visa and obtaining an exit visa of category B16 valid for up to 30 days. A work visa is stamped “Жойылды”, “Аннулировано” or “Cancelled”.

List of documents: application letter from the company for issuing an exit visa, visa application form, photo, original passport, power of attorney from the company for a representative, payment of a consular fee in the amount of 0.5 MCI (1531.5 MCI in 2023). The service delivery period is about 3-5 working days.

Can a foreign employee cancel a visa by himself?

Yes, it is possible. A foreign employee voluntarily applies to the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the country of citizenship or permanent residence. Then the consul stamps “Жойылды”, “Аннулировано” or “Cancelled”. In the future, a foreigner will not be able to enter the Republic of Kazakhstan on this visa.

At the following link you can read an article on the topic of revocation of a work permit. 

How much does it cost to cancel a visa?

When canceling a visa by submitting a letter to the Migration Service or a passport to the Embassy / Consulates of the Republic of Kazakhstan are not charged state duty or consular fee.

When canceling a visa by submitting a foreigner’s passport to obtain an exit visa, a state fee of 0.5 MCI is paid as we described above.

In case of cancellation of a work visa due to a change of employer, the new receiving party pays the established amount of the consular fee, while the previous employer does not pay anything.

It should be taken into account that when contacting immigration consultants, they charge the set cost of their services.

A foreign citizen has several jobs. Will the visa for our company be cancelled if the second employer receives a work visa?

Yes, it is cancelled. As we mentioned above, there can be only one visa in a foreigner’s passport. However, it should be taken into account that it is recommended to leave the work visa with the company that is the main place of work under the Employment Contract. Consequently, other employers must also indicate in their Employment Contracts that the place of work is part-time.

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