Is it possible for foreign citizens in Kazakhstan to obtain a temporary residence permit (TRP) online?

A client approached us with a request to extend a temporary residence permit (TPR) for his employee, a Russian citizen in Kazakhstan.

The difficulty was that the landlord of the rented apartment was abroad. He did not plan to visit Kazakhstan in the near future and could not execute a notarized consent. When visiting the Population Service Center, the client was confirmed that when extending the temporary residence permit (TRP), the landlord’s consent is mandatory.

Is it possible for foreign citizens in Kazakhstan to obtain a temporary residence permit (TRP) online?

The client applied to us on December 28. The temporary residence permit was due to expire on 03.01.2024.

We offered an alternative, to extend the temporary residence permit (TPR) online. The list of documents for extending a temporary residence permit online is the same as for physical application to the Center. The only exception – it is not required to provide a notarized consent to the residence of a foreign employee. It is sufficient to confirm this information with the signature of the Electronic Digital Signature of the property owner.

Sequence of actions:

  1. Prepare scanned copies of documents for renewal of Temporary Residence Permit online (passport, letter of application, employment contract, confirmation from enbek, valid Temporary Residence Permit, Company Address Registration Code, Residence Address Registration Code).
  2. Through the Electronic Digital Signature, the employer keys connected to the system, uploaded the documents, filled in the application form and sent it for review.
  3. Next, the property owner is connected. In the personal egov office comes a request for approval. It is necessary to approve the request using your Electronic Digital Signature keys. It is important for the property owner to approve the request on the same day when the application was submitted by 12.00. Otherwise, the application must be resubmitted again. If there is more than one property owner, each property owner must approve through their personal Electronic Digital Signature keys.
  4. On the next working day, the answer came in the personal cabinet of the applicant.

What about fingerprint registration for the online Temporary Residence Permit?

In our case, the documents for the renewal of the Temporary Residence Permit online were submitted on December 29, 2023. The fingerprint registration requirements have not yet come into effect.

For applicants from January 1, 2024, fingerprint registration will be required. First, a fingerprint will be taken, a certificate will be obtained, attached to the application and also submitted online for the issuance of the Temporary Residence Permit.

Where do I have to undergo fingerprint registration?

To obtain a residence permit, fingerprint registration must be carried out at the address of temporary registration of a foreign citizen.

Temporary Residence Permit and visas require fingerprint registration at the employer’s registration address or at the address of temporary registration of the foreign employee.

Do children have to be fingerprinted?

  • Children under the age of 12 are not subject to fingerprinting.
  • Children from 12 to 16 years of age can undergo on a voluntary basis.
  • From the age of 16, the procedure is mandatory. 

How long does the fingerprinting process take?

The fingerprinting procedure takes on average 6-8 minutes per person. In some regions there are queues due to the hype.

Please note that you do not need to undergo the procedure here and now if you have previously received a temporary residence permit/residence permit or visa. It will be required when extending the document.

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