As of October 2020, citizens of the following states are allowed to enter Qazaqstan without the permission of the Interagency Committee under the Government of the Republic of Qazaqstan (IAC):

1. Belarus

2. Germany

3. Egypt

4. Kyrgyzstan

5. Netherlands

6. United Arab Emirates

7. Turkey

8. Russia

9. Uzbekistan

10. Ukraine

11. South Korea

Foreign nationals must meet visa requirements. Some of these countries have bilateral visa waiver program. They can enter without visa. At the same time, the rule of direct flights has been canceled. Thus, foreign citizens can enter the country by any available flights.

In addition, the categorization of countries has been canceled. All foreign citizens arriving in Qazaqstan must have a certificate of passing the COVID-19 test by the PCR method, selected no earlier than 72 hours at the time of crossing the state border of the Republic of Qazaqstan . For citizens of other countries, an entry permit from the IAC is required.