QUOTA 2021

It is time to apply for a QUOTA for 2021. What you should know about it?

  • Deadline for quota is July 31, 2020. We do not recommend expecting deadline and do it now as some regions stop accepting applications 3-5 business days prior deadline.
  • Quota request must contain the number of current and planning foreign nationals in 2021.
  • Application must be submitted in each region where your company plans to get work permits.
  • Quota is not required for foreign nationals who work as exemptions from Rules as well as those who are working under intra-corporate transfer.
  • Requests can be rejected by the Committee fully or partially if an employer has violations of labor legislation, as well as if it is possible to satisfy the demand for foreign nationals through training, re-training or advanced training of Qazaqstani nationals.
  • If you fail with quota request, work permit application and renewal processes in 2021 would be complicated or impossible.

If you have any additional issues, feel free to contact DOS Immigration consultants.

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