Online consultations on migration issues

DOS Immigration consultants will try to answer all your questions and provide an overview of migration processes in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Which issues are we focused on

  1. Work authorization of foreign nationals: standard work permits, intercorporate transfer, exceptions to the Rules, etc.
  2. Visas to Kazakhstan: work, business, investor, etc.
  3. Procurement of temporary residence permit in Kazakhstan
  4. Apostille and legalization of documents both in Kazakhstan and abroad
  5. Proceeding with Kazakhstan citizenship
  6. Rules of stay and migration control in Kazakhstan
  7. Renunciation of citizenship of Kazakhstan and withdrawal of the pension savings
  8. Residence permit application: list of required documents and stages
  9. Real estate purchase. Support of foreign nationals


Promise less. Deliver more.

Deeds, not words

Orientation to Long-term customer relationship

Immigration - is our only focus.

HONESTY. We only do what we can. If we see some red flags, we announce them at initial stage.

The speed of response. We hold consultations on the same day and answer to your written questions within 3 hours.

Service packages and price.


10 000 тг.

online or offline, a single verbal consultation, lasting no more than 30 minutes.


20 000 тг.

online or offline, a single verbal consultation, lasting no more than 60 minutes. A written summary of the call / meeting is provided. Verbal and written answers to questions within 3 hours after the consultation are provided.


50 000 тг.

3 business days of consultation. A written summary of the call / meeting, a list of documents and an overview of the migration process are provided. Online verbal and written responses within 2 business days.


150 000 тг.

1 month of service. A list of documents and an overview of the migration process are provided. 1 month of free verbal and written responses. Consulting support during document submission.

Languages of consultation: Kazakh, English, Russian, Turkish.

Choose one of the packages, pay for the service and we will start working.

Do you have any other questions?

Our experts will help you choose right package for you!

Still have questions?

Our experts will be happy to provide more detailed information and suggest which package is right for you!

Our contact details

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