The decree of the chief state sanitary doctor Aizhan Esmagambetova informs who can enter Qazaqstan without a PCR test.

Defined 3 categories of countries and restrictive measures for passengers arriving on international passenger flights.

The first category includes: China, South Korea, Japan, Georgia, Thailand, Hungary, India, Germany, Czech Republic, Malaysia, UAE, Belarus, Turkey, Egypt, Ukraine, Netherlands, Russia.

Those arriving from the countries of the first category must pass thermometry and questionnaires.

The second category includes: Poland, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and irregular (evacuation and charter) flights from countries of the third category.

Arriving from the countries of the second category must undergo thermometry, questioning, if there is a certificate of examination for COVID-19 with a negative laboratory test by PCR from the moment of receipt of which, no more than 5 days have passed at the time of crossing the state border of Qazaqstan (hereinafter – the certificate) – without restrictions, in the absence of a certificate – laboratory examination for COVID-19 by the PCR method at the place of stay (for foreign citizens), at the place of residence (for citizens of Qazaqstan) within 48 hours from the day of arrival with the delivery of a notification of the obligatory passage of it or home quarantine for 14 days.

The third category includes all countries, with the exception of countries from the first and second categories.

Regular flights to Qazaqstan from countries of the third category are prohibited.