In the absence of flights and closed borders, many foreign nationals encounter challenges in returning to their countries of citizenship or permanent residence, while validity of visas / visa-free stay has been expired.

The Interdepartmental Commission under the Government of Qazaqstan has granted an additional time period until August 5, 2020, during which foreigners must settle their legal status.

Provision of an additional time period:

• allows foreigners to plan a route and choose air tickets for further departure from the RoQ

• gives the right for a foreigner / host entity to apply for B20 exit visa or extension of temporary stay for up to 30 days at the migration service

• exempts foreigners / host entities from administrative liability and sanctions for violation of a period of stay and late departure from the RoQ

Foreigners with expired visas or expired period of temporary stay in Qazaqstan, as well as host party (legal entities, individuals) should extend a period of stay or apply for exit visa at the migration service department by August 5, 2020.