Today, if foreign resident is not registered in time, he/she has to leave the country according to the Article 517 of Administrative code of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Moreover, he must pay the fee of 15 monthly calculated indexes (37 875 KZT, 1 MCI – 2525 KZT). Final Decision on deportation should is taken by a court.

What is the mitigating was explained by Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs. Firstly, if foreign resident overstays less than 3 days without registration it was suggested to caution him. If foreign resident exceeds period of staying for more than 6 days MIA suggests to fine him for 5 MCI (12 625 KZT), if there is no registration for 10 days – fine will be raised twice for 10 MCI (25 250 KZT). At the same time fines will be imposed without arrests and taking off the flight.