Foreigners who are allowed to enter the RoQ must be citizens of the countries with which Qazaqstan opened air traffic

It must be on a direct flight from that country.

The procedure for crossing the state border has changed in Kazakhstan, the National Security Committee of Qazaqstan reports on Facebook.

“The main conditions for foreigners are compliance with visa requirements, a foreigner must be a citizen of a country with which Qazaqstan resumed direct air communication and follow from this country by direct flight. Foreigners who are allowed to enter Qazaqstan can also use direct air flights, who are allowed in accordance with this procedure entry into the country”, – the information says.

Also allowed to cross the state border:

  • foreigners from the crews of sea-going vessels traveling to Qazaqstan outside the crews for a change – if there are documents confirming the status and membership of the crews of sea (river) vessels;
  • cargo owners carrying out agricultural activities in Qazaqstan – upon presentation of documents confirming the implementation of the activity;
  • parents (guardians or trustees) accompanying minors of Qazaqstan who are studying in educational institutions in foreign countries, as well as for their departure from Qazaqstan abroad in order to extend study visas, issue student ID-cards, pass exams (tests). There must be an invitation from a foreign educational institution and an official permit to enter a foreign country for the specified purposes.

Foreigners are also no longer required to have a negative Covid-19 test certificate upon entering the country.

From June 20, Qazaqstan resumed international flights to Turkey, China, South Korea, Thailand, Georgia and Japan.

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